All-Resident Voting Charter Change Committee

Committee Overview

The City of Winooski is currently seeking applications for membership on this Committee. Winooski City Council will appoint four members of the public (including 1 alternate member). Apply for an open seat on this committee.

The City Council of Winooski has directed that the city explore proposing a charter change that would enable all residents over the age of 18 to vote in municipal elections regardless of citizenship status. The City Council voted on October 1st to establish a Charter Change Committee, charged with examining options to present Winooski voters with a charter change that would enable non-citizen residents to vote in Winooski municipal elections, to conduct public outreach to the community through public information sessions, forums, and direct outreach, and to explore possibilities for protection of Winooski voter information.

The purpose of the Charter Change Committee is to review all-resident municipal voting options that could result in a recommendation of charter change language for the City Council to consider putting forward to Winooski voters. The Committee will develop a timeline for their work, which will include public outreach, information sessions, and forums to engage community members and seek input. The Committee will also consider options to protect the City of Winooski municipal voter information.

View the All-Resident Voting Charter Change Committee Charter