Development Review Board Agenda

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
6:30 PM - Winooski City Hall (27 West Allen Street)


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1. Appeal of Zoning Administrator Decision: Administrative Lot Consolidation (ZON19-082) – 101 and 109 Main Street; and 18 Mansion Street

2. Appeal of Zoning Administrator Decision: Zoning Approval (ZON19-060) – 101 and 109 Main Street; and 18 Mansion Street 

Mr. Joseph Gamache and Mr. David Carter have filed notice of appeal of two decisions of the Zoning Administrator related to an administrative lot consolidation; and zoning approval. Both of these decisions relate to properties at 101 and 109 Main Street; and 18 Mansion Street. These appeals are being filed under Section 6.9 A. of the City’s Unified Land Use and Development Regulations. The Development Review Board will hold individual hearings on these appeals. Decisions of the Development Review Board can be appealed by “interested persons” (as defined by 24 V.S.A. §4465) to the Environmental Division of the Vermont Superior Court. Questions or comments can be directed to Eric Vorwald, AICP, City of Winooski Planning & Zoning Manager by calling 802 655 6410 or visiting Winooski City Hall at 27 West Allen Street during normal business hours. Information related to the approvals and appeals can also be viewed at Winooski City Hall during normal business hours.


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