Traffic and Parking Initiatives

Transportation Impact Fee

Project Overview

The City of Winooski is reviewing the potential implementation of a transportation impact fee to support capital projects that add capacity to our street network. Impact fees are available under state law to municipalities experiencing growth. Very generally speaking, when residential or commercial growth places an additional demand for municipal infrastructure, like roads, fees can be charged to the development that is creating that demand to support the needed infrastructure. Calculating impact fees is in part based upon projected transportation capacity expansion projects that may be a number of years out. Growth also must be projected so that an accurate calculation can be made regarding how much impact fee should be charged to each new unit of development. Lastly, the projects to be undertaken must also be supported by the rest of the taxpayers in the community through available funding mechanisms which typically include the property tax. By charging impact fees on new units the financial impact falling to all other taxpayers is reduced.

Project Updates

3.15.21 - Jon Rauscher, Director of Public Works, provided an update to Winooski City Council. 

12.14.20 - During the Dec. 14 City Council meeting, the Transportation Impact Fee overview was presented by Jon Rauscher, Director of Public Works, and Resource Systems Group, Inc.

CCRPC Parking Study

The City of Winooski, with assistance from CCRPC and RSG, seeks to develop a parking inventory, analysis, and management plan. The project includes a review of parking demand and supply within specific sections of the city; investigation and evaluation of various management strategies including enforcement, regulations, pay and fee structures, and metering options; and subsequent revisions to ordinances and the land development regulations.

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Traffic Calming

Information available soon.

Project Contact

Jon Rauscher, Director of Public Works: 

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