Lawn Signs Along Roads in Winooski

Winooski only allows temporary lawn signs (political campaign signs, for example) on city-owned, outdoor property if they meet these conditions:

  • In public rights-of-way (along roads) if:
    • They are campaign signs related to candidates or matters on the ballot, but for only up to two weeks before that election through one day after that election.
    • If they are from a nonprofit organization and are approved by the city manager.
    • If there are not more than one sign from the same entity or campaign within 50 feet of each other in a public right-of-way. If more are posted AND a complaint is received by the city manager, city staff may remove all the signs from that campaign in the public right-of-way between cross streets on the side of the street for which a complaint was received.
    • Click here for a map of the public rights of way. Generally speaking, a sign posted within a couple of feet of the edge of the road is likely within the right-of-way. To be more exact, click here to view the right-of-way widths for each road. To use the map, locate the road where you would like to post a sign. Find the number label for that road. That number is the total width of the right-of-way for that road. For the purposes of this policy, the width of the road is centered in that right-of-way width. The remaining feet on either side is where signs may be posted that conform to this policy.
  • In parks, if they are approved by the City Manager.

City staff may remove any sign in a public right of way that conflicts with a community interest as determined by the city manager.

No advertising for businesses is allowed in public rights of way or in parks.

Violators may be fined according to Winooski’s civil offense ordinance, Section 1.11, paragraphs B and C.

Per City Council vote on December 12, 2022.

Contact Elaine Wang, City Manager, 802-655-6410 / with:

  • Requests to place lawn signs for a nonprofit
  • Requests to place a lawn sign in a park
  • Complaints of violations of these rules