Safe, Healthy, Connected People Commission

Commission Overview

This Commission is a policy advising group to the City Council and serves to implement its Strategic Vision area as outlined in the Master Plan. Safe, Healthy, Connected People: "Foster relationships across generations and cultures by providing a safe and healthy environment and providing opportunities to connect and engage with other residents of the City."





City Council appoints five Winooski residents and two alternates to serve 1 to 2-year terms. 

  • Councilor Aurora Hurd - City Council Liaison
  • Staff Liaisons
    • Ray Coffey, Community Services Director
    • Rick Hebert, Chief of Police
    • John Audy, Fire Chief
  • Mary Hussmann, Chair - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Courtney Blasius - Term Expires 6.30.22
  • Yam Basnet - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Amanda Goldstein - Term Expires 6.30.24 
  • Hannah Kretvix - Term Expires 6.30.24
  • Katherine Lowe (Alternate) - Term Expires 6.30.23
  • Meredith Bushey (Alternate) - Term Expires 6.30.24