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Service Before Self

The mission of the Winooski Police Department is to provide our residents and visitors with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We continually strive to improve the public’s perception of community safety through the eradication of criminal activity and any conditions that have a detrimental impact on public safety. The Department will accomplish this task while utilizing the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) model. Services will be provided in an efficient and effective manner, consistent with statutory authority, available budgeted resources and professional skills. The Department recognizes its members as its most valuable resource and will strive to maintain the quality of public service through committed leadership, supervisory direction, career development, succession planning, and training.

Vision, Values, and Goals

The Winooski Police Department will continue to grow, adapt and evolve as we provide the highest level of service and protection to our community and our visitors. We aspire to be a leader in policing, a model for character, innovation, and service. We strive to protect our diverse and dynamic community with fairness, integrity, and respect for the rights of the individual. We resolve to develop a creative, forward-thinking workforce, dedicated to raising our level of excellence to meet the challenges of tomorrow. With this vision in mind, we will achieve and surpass these goals by providing our officers and employees with the knowledge, tools and opportunities to meet and exceed all present and future needs of the City of Winooski. The Winooski Police Department embodies the following values in an effort to provide great service:

Grateful - grateful and thankful to be serving the residents of Winooski          
Responsive - respond quickly and efficiently to all calls for service
Educated - continue the education and training of our officers
Ambitious - consistently setting goals to improve the department and safety of the community
Trustworthy - keeping the trust of the community thriving and strong

Selflessness - the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others
Excellence - the quality of being exceptionally good in our service delivery
Respect - willingness to show consideration, appreciation, and concern for all people
Vigilance - careful attention, alert watchfulness within our community
Integrity - honesty, moral soundness
Collaboration - to work with other agencies and build community partnerships
Ethics - a code of behavior, a set of principles by which we conduct ourselves

The Winooski Police Department’s most important goals are to reduce crime, to reduce the fear of crime, to build and maintain effective partnerships, and to improve the overall quality of life in the community while providing peace of mind. 

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