The City of Winooski offered a generous benefits package. Employees in positions that are classified as full-time, Regular (30 hours per week and above) have access to the following benefits: 

  • Health Insurance Plan     
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Benefit
  • Life Insurance & AD&D
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Flexible Spending and Dependent Care Accounts 
  • Retirement Plans 
  • Sick, CTO and Holiday Pay 

Employees in positions classified as part-time regular working more than 20 hours per week have access to the following benefits:

  • Sick, CTO and Holiday Pay

All employees working 18 hours per week or more have access to sick time as outlined by Vermont Law and the City of Winooski policy. 

Health Insurance

The City of Winooski is part of the Vermont Health Exchange through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont. Eligible employees have access to a selection of ten plans and may select the plan that best suits their needs and the needs of their families. A comparison of plan offerings can be found here. Premium costs are updated effective January 1 of each year.

Health Reimbursement Account

Plans available to eligible employees are high deductible plans. To assist in covering these costs the City contributes to a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) on the employee's behalf. The contribution level is $4500 for an individual and $9000 for a family. These funds are available to employees who are enrolled in health insurance. The City's Health Reimbursement Account is administered by Health Equity. 


The City recognizes that some employees have access to health insurance through a source other than their employer.  In this case, eligible employees may stay on that plan and opt-out of the City's coverage. This applies to health insurance only. All employees eligible employees are enrolled in the dental, vision and life insurance regardless of their enrollment in the health insurance. Eligible employees who opt-out of the City's plan must complete a statement copies of proof of other insurance. Employee opting out of the health insurance will receive $5200 annually as part of this program.*  

*Please note, once an employee opts-out of the health insurance they may only enroll in the health insurance program at open enrollment each year on January 1. In certain circumstances, employees who have experienced a major life event such as birth or adoption of a child, marriage or divorce, loss of other coverage, or change in employment, may enroll in the health insurance outside of the annual open enrollment.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance for eligible employees is provided through CBA Blue. This plan provides coverage at 100% for diagnostic and preventative procedures. The individual deductible is $25 and family deductible is $75 after which Basic Care is covered at 80%, and Major Care is covered at 50%. Orthodontic Care at 50%. and has an individual lifetime maximum of $1000. The individual calendar year maximum on the plan is $1000.  

Vision Insurance

The City provides vision coverage to eligible employees through Vision Service Plan. Employees and dependents enrolled in this plan must see a VSP provider, which can be found at vsp.comAnnual vision exams are covered with a $20 co-pay.  

Retirement Plans

The City of Winooski offers 401 and 457 retirement plans through ICMA-RC. To learn more about these plans and view your account, click here:

The City of Winooski is a member of the Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement System (VMERS). 

VMERS is the public pension plan provided by the State of Vermont for participating municipalities' employees. It was created in 1975 and is governed by Vermont Statute Title 24, Chapter 125. Information on group plans (including the Defined Contribution and the Deferred Compensation plans) can be accessed here.

Life Insurance and AD&D

Eligible employees also have access to Life and AD&D Coverage in the amount of one times their annual earnings to a max of $100,000.  It is essential that employees keep their beneficiary information up to date with the Human Resources Department.  Beneficiary forms can be found here. Coverage for Life Insurance is provided through Lincoln Financial

Short Term and Long Term Disability

For eligible employees who are ill or injured, when the injury or illness is not work-related, the City provides a Short Term and Long Term Disability plan through Lincoln Financial. If an employee is out of work it is important that they contact Human Resources as soon as possible to begin the filing process for Short or Long Term Disability. Lincoln Financial is responsible for determining the compensability of each claim.