School Resource Officer

Overview of Services

The Winooski School District is comprised of one elementary, one middle and one high school located upon a central campus. The total school population is about 800 children. A K-8 parochial school is also located within City limits.

Our School Resource Officer serves Winooski's schools by identifying the needs of youth within a diverse community. To work in partnership with students, parents, teachers, city and state officials in meeting those needs. To preserve the peace, enforce laws, identify and apprehend offenders. To provide emergency services and social service referrals to youth at risk. To offer substance abuse and crime prevention programs targeted toward youth safety within the school system, creating a safe and tranquil environment in which the educational process can take place. The services of our School Resource Officer aims to:

  • Help students develop a positive attitude toward their community and the law through constructive, non-authoritarian engagement
  • Encourage early intervention techniques that can divert delinquent-prone and pre-delinquent youth from the criminal justice system 
  • Encourage youth to develop non-violent conflict resolution skills
  • Act as an outlet for referrals to social service or other agencies for families in crisis
  • Have police resources readily available within the school community

Community Improvement

Truancy rates have decreased by over 150% since the inception of the School Resource Officer program. Documented reports of truancy to the State’s Attorney Office and the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services went from 35 referrals in 1996 to a low of six in 2000. These cases are handled pre-emptively through home visits by the School Resource Officer negating the use of the legal system in most cases. Many cases of criminal violations are handled by the School Resource Officer via referrals from our Community Justice Center. Cases that normally would be channeled to the Vermont Family Court are now referred to a non-adversarial program where the youthful offender can make amends without having a criminal record. There were seven such referrals made from in-school conduct that went to the criminal level. These cases were all handled where the student could get the incident behind them and go on with their studies.

Contact our School Resource Officer for more information:

Jason Ziter

School Resource Officer
802 655 0221 / Email Jason

Winooski School Resource Officer and Students at School