What does the Main Street Revitalization Project include?

The Main Street Revitalization project includes the complete modernization of infrastructure on Main Street between the rail bridge and the City line at Exit 16. This includes:

  • New water, stormwater, and wastewater utility infrastructure
  • Improved pedestrian and bike amenities
  • Undergrounding the telecom and cable lines
  • Rebuilt sidewalks and streetscapes

These plans reflect the community’s vision as presented during the Form-Based Code community meetings, the development of the Winooski Transportation Master Plan, and the Winooski Corridor Study. They also include the necessary and inevitable infrastructure improvements needed to the City’s water and wastewater lines, these lines along Main Street are 130 years old.

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1. What does the Main Street Revitalization Project include?
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3. Why is this City holding the Main Street Revitalization bond vote now?
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