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COVID-19 Recovery Nonprofit Grant Application

  1. Thank you so much for your interest in this program.

    If you have questions about this application or need help with it, call or email Elaine Wang, City Manager: 802 655 6410 /

  2. Which type of eligible organization is your nonprofit?*

    Note: If your organization is both a State registered nonprofit corporation AND a Nonprofit corporation registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service, only select 'Nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 status with the United States Internal Revenue Service'

  3. What service(s) does the nonprofit provide? Check all that apply.*
  4. Does your organization serve marginalized people who live in or frequent Winooski?*
  5. Is your organization led by people from a historically marginalized community?
  6. Is the nonprofit interested in receiving funds if only a partial award is available?
  7. If the grant is awarded, do you intend to subgrant any or all of the funds?*
  8. By checking 'Yes', I agree to release all of the above information to the City of Winooski COVID-19 Recovery Nonprofit Grant Evaluation Committee, City of Winooski Staff, and the Winooski City Council.*
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