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City Staff Fraud/Ethics Reporting Form

  1. Please Read

    This form is ONLY for reporting a fraud/ethics concern related to an employee or representative of the City of Winooski. 

    If there is an emergency, always dial 911. 

    If you have a complaint about a resident, business, or need to report a crime, please do not use this form and call the Winooski Police Department non-emergency line: 802 655 0221

    The City of Winooski is committed to fostering integrity and ethical values in our operations. Such adherence strengthens and promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, the fair practices and treatment of all residents and employees, compliance with laws, and the reliability of financial reporting. While the City has strong internal controls and procedures that often prevent or detect misconduct, a program in place for employees and community members to anonymously report suspected misconduct or fraud is a recommended best practice. Fraud is commonly detected through employee and resident tips. 

    The below web form allows you to file reports from any computer. You are able to submit anonymously at your discretion. Submissions are automatically sent to both the City's Finance Director and Human Resources Manager and will trigger an internal follow-up, which may or may not include referral to a department head for investigation consistent with City policies and procedures. The City will make its best efforts to follow up on all credible reports and to correct issues as quickly as possible. Using this form to make false claims is prohibited. If this report is made anonymously clarifying questions to determine the validity of the complaint will not be possible. City of Winooski employees are encouraged and may be required pursuant to policy, to follow established policies and procedures regarding the reporting of sexual harassment and discrimination claims, grievances, policy violations and safety concerns in order to ensure the City has enough information to properly address all reports. These policies and procedures can be viewed in the City’s Employment Policies handbook issued to all staff on the date of hire and available on the Staff Intranet.

  2. Topics*

    Please file a report if you are aware of any misconduct - by act or omission - of an employee or representative of the City of Winooski, that you think violates ethical city practice or established policy and procedure including but not limited to the following topics (please check where applicable):

  3. Please be as specific and detailed as possible in your submission by including any dates/times and names, if known, to allow investigation to proceed in a timely manner. Your identity, if provided, or any information that could be used to identify you, will remain confidential to the extent possible, except as reasonably necessary to successfully complete a thorough internal investigation, as may be appropriate, and except where you have consented to the disclosure of your identity or a court orders disclosure of a report you have made.
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    Questions? Please contact Jesse Acri, Human Resources Director: 802 655 6410 /

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