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Resident Parking Permit Application

  1. Resident Information
  2. First, Last
  3. Street, City, State, Zip
  4. Vehicle Information
  5. Permits
    Permits shall be issued only to residents of streets, or portions thereof that are designated “resident parking only.” The permit is for parking only on the street on which you reside. A maximum of two (2) guest parking cards shall be issued to each eligible household for which a permit has been issued. Your guest parking cards may also only be used on the street on which you reside. Permits must be obtained in person at Winooski City Hall with proof of residency.
  6. Proof of Residency
    Proof of residency shall include a valid Vermont driver’s license with an address on the designated street and a valid Vermont registration for the vehicle(s) involved. For students, proof of residency shall include a valid current student identification card and proof of current registration in a school, a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration from Vermont or other State, and proof of residency (lease) on the designated street. Residents without a license can prove residency on the designated street by showing a valid written lease or current utility bill. Articles of proof of residency must be provided in-person when permits are picked up at Winooski City Hall.
  7. Guest Parking Cards
    Guest parking cards are only for the use of persons visiting a residence for a temporary visit. Guest parking cards shall be displayed at all times without obstruction on the front rear-view mirror. No permits will be issued to an individual with outstanding parking tickets, unless the ticket is being contested. An owner of any vehicle in violation of this section will be subject to a $50.00 parking fine.
  8. Residential street stickers shall be affixed to vehicles on the left-hand side of the rear bumper or lower left corner of the rear window and shall be visible without obstruction at all times.
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