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Public Comment Request Form

  1. Remote Meeting Public Comment Request Form

    If you wish to make a public comment at any of our remote meetings, you must fill out this form.

  2. Type of Meeting*

    Please select one.

  3. Type of Comment*
  4. Please list the agenda item you would like to make a public comment on. If more than one, please list and separate by using a comma. For instance, Item V (title), Item VI (title). Write N/A if not-applicable.
  5. If you have documents to be included in the public record, please upload them here.
  6. You must identify yourself with your first and last name. This is how you will be identified to speak. Nicknames and abbreviations are not allowed.
  7. Where do you live?*
  8. Write N/A if you plan to comment via phone.
  9. List the phone number you will use to join the meeting. Your name will be made visible.
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  11. When attending the meeting, please use your first and last name upon entering to be correctly identified for public comment.
    Thank you! A member of staff will reach out to you to confirm your details.
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